Why to Join GNM Academy ?

We believe in training students to serve onboard Foreign Going ships in the Merchant Navy as Marine Engineers, and marine officers  In the process, they become valuable assets of our country. As they become part of the Indian merchant navy they are taught to be ambassadors of our country and make all of us proud of their hard work, sincerity, and devotion to their profession.

What is merchant navy ?

Merchant navy is a specialized industry which is fully engaged in commercial activities involving transportation of cargo and passengers through sea routes. Also termed as “Merchant Marine” in some countries, the field of Merchant Navy is an important part of the global shipping sector and is an integral component of any nation’s economical development. As the majority of the world’s commercial activities are carried out through the sea routes, the field of merchant navy has far more prominence across the globe.

Why to join merchant navy ?

Merchant navy could be a collective name for the shipping industries that transport all merchandise from one country to a different, via sea. The lading is oil, products, minerals and even food, that is then shipped to its destination employing a planned ocean route.


The greatest fascination of this calling is its compensation bundles and pay rates. In dealer naval force, the installment scales are kept high and is kept up by IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ILO (International Labour Organization). Notwithstanding for a fresher, the pay rates can extend from US$ 1,500 to US$ 2,000. This proportion very relies on your procuring organization, capability, and position.

  • Less Qualification

To join Merchant Navy does not necessarily higher education. You can also apply after 10th, diploma but does not mean that you can join Merchant Navy. You can apply for work in shipper naval force following your secondary school tests with material science and arithmetic. On the off chance that you would prefer not to seek after any advanced education and need to take up a practical activity with a decent payout, at that point vendor naval force is prepared for you.

  • Adventures Life

People spend money on an adventure but they didn’t get it but in Merchant Navy have some adventures and challenges itself. Merchant Navy is your dream rewarding and fulfilling profession. For those people, it can be a very great profession, you can also enjoy adventure and good bucks. It gives those people who pay for it the best experience

  • Better Lifestyle

The characteristics of timeliness and control will enable you to carry on a superior and progressively profitable way of life. Being engaged and exceedingly careful is critical in the erratic seas that your activity will bring you into.

  • Long Vacations

As the activity requires long working months it likewise gives similarly remunerating long get-always. You can appreciate being ashore just as water when you for this calling.

  • Adventurous Opportunities

In merchant navy, you are tending multiple opportunities of feeding your adventurous passions. From taking up challenges in the ocean to exploring distant lands, you work and enjoy at the same time.A merchant marines career is like having day-to-day adventures. It’s a life of adventure out there. Other routine jobs involve people in an office who have to spend nine hours. For people who like nine to five jobs, this is not the case. For days on end, merchant sailors can explore and view the excellent ocean view which, unlike any, acts as inspiration.

  • More extensive EXPOSURE

Your vocation in vendor naval force will expose you to various crisis circumstances and surprising occasions. This will improve your critical thinking aptitudes and will assist you with working better under strain.

  • Presents DIVERSITY

You will get an opportunity to invest energy with colleagues who have a place with various societies, foundations and even nationalities. This will give you encounters that you will never pick up from some other activity on the planet.

  • Educates TEAMWORK

Working for a considerable length of time on a vessel with novel colleagues shows high polished methodology, great relational abilities, and high order. Being a piece of a novel group for a considerable length of time brings an extraordinary identity change in an individual.

  • Salary without Tax

Paying tax to government is the reasonability of everybody. Settling Regulatory expense to the legislature is the duty of everyone. Everybody thinks about it these days everybody needs to spare expense whether it is a typical salaried man or a major man. Today every man gives a great deal of his profit to the legislature as assessment. However, the principle motivation to join this calling is that the income earned in this fax an expense would be free in the event that you are 183 days in a year on board ship.

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